Grade 5 - 6
Grade 5 / 6 News JUNIOR DIVISION
Teacher: Mr. Roger King

Last Revision: January 22, 2018

Gym Days: Tuesday, Thursday


Welcome back to everyone and a special welcome to our new students in grade 5/6. Come prepared to have fun, work hard and see the Lord in every subject!


Courses of Study
The Book of 2 Corinthians
Grade 5: 2-Digit Divisors
Grade 6: Geometry
Body Systems: This week we are learning all about the digestive system!
Language Arts:
Writing: Sentence types and clauses (dependent and independent)



 Revision - le verbe avoir
 Unite, Les fourmis
Social St.
 Canada and It's Trading Partners                                                                                                                                                                  
Art only in Term 2 and 3, after Christmas musical
Phys. Ed:
We are practicing passing, dribbling, and positioning skills in preparation for our Soccer Tournament next week!
Health: Healthy meal plans so our students can start preparing healthy meals on their own.
Important Dates

 Tues. Jan 23

  • Team Day - Wear clothes that clash!

Mon. Jan 29

  • Winter Electives #3 (Rescheduled from Jan 22)

Fri. Feb 2

  • Bring a Friend Day
  • Family Skate Night @ Baysville Arena


  Links for Learning
Lots of sites available by clicking: