Grade 7 / 8 News


Teacher: Mrs. Janet Davis

Last Revision:  November 15, 2019

Gym Days:  Tuesday and Thursday

Each day the Lord gives us is like a blank slate, a fresh new start lying ahead. What will you do with this opportunity of growing in God's world? Don't waste your senior class year!


Course Work

Bible - Exodus.

               The Bible is the inspired Word of God, as well as our history textbook.                     


History - Egypt and the Exodus

              ** Ancient Egypt and God's plan **  Joseph's life ** Moses and the Exodus **

                  Possible routes **        


Geography - Physical Patterns in a Changing World

           What are landforms? Landforms and daily life, landform types, reading elevation on maps/

               topographical maps.

               How are landforms created and changed? Plates builds mountains, erosion creates 

               landforms, people create and change the land,


Language Arts - Spelling - weekly exercises. Use all your resources to achieve a high

                                                        standard. Learn as you go!

                                    Literature - Novel : The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom                                                 

                            Writing Formal writing instruction, WriteShop

                                                      Much writing across the curriculum


French - Unite 2 - A l'Antenne 

                   Les verbes pouvoir et vouloir; comment utiliser l'infinitif apres quelques verbes

Math - Taught by Mr. King

Science -  Taught by Mr. Thatcher

Phys. Ed - Taught by Mr. Thatcher

Art -  Taught by Mrs. Maxson


Dates to Remember -
M. Nov. 18 - Visit Roger's Cove, Huntsville
T. Nov. 19 - Crew Day, Wacky hat and glasses 
Th. Nov. 21 - Public Health, grade7 immunizations
F. Nov. 22 - Assembly, Pastor Glenn Deane, visiting speaker
M. Nov. 25 - MACE meeting and High School meeting
F. Nov. 29 - Report cards home
French Vocabulary - voir unite 2
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