Grade 7 / 8 News


Teacher: Mrs. Janet Davis

Last Revision:  January 17, 2019

Gym Days:  Tuesday & Thursday

Let us be sure to grab hold of each day the Lord gives us in the 7/8 classroom. Each student is responsible for his/her own learning. Enthusiastically own this gift of responsibility!


Course Work

Bible - God's deliverance and protection; God's wisdom for rulers; God's ability to

             direct kings; Submission to government: God's judgment against a nation and

             effects of repentance. 



History - The Holy Roman Empire and the Vikings  

                ** Holy Roman Empire ** Viking invasions and explorations **

                Norman conquests ** Struggle between church and state **





Geography - Population Patterns and Growth

                         * How is Earth's population changing? * The agricultural and industrial revolutions *

                             Population changes vary by region * The impact of a growing population *

                             * Making a chloropleth map of South America *




Language Arts - Spelling - Each student works on spelling and editing exercises as well as                                                                his/her personal spelling list. 

                                    Literature Short stories from anthology, Choices

                            Writing - Occurs across the curriculum

                                                      Writing letters of encouragement to local Christian ministries

                                                      Writing personal component for recitation speech                                                                                                                                              


French - Unite 2 Vive La Musique!

                ** comment faire des descriptions avec les adverbes **

                   **comment faire des comparaisons **



Math -

Science - 

Phys. Ed - 

Dates to Remember -
M. Jan. 21 - Winter activities, cross-country skiing at Arrowhead
T. Jan. 22 - Crew Day. dress up as a twin or triplet!
                   Memory work due, Proverbs 8: 12-15
T. Jan. 22 and W. Jan. 23 - Student-led conferences
M. Jan. 28 - Winter Activity make-up date, if needed
T. Jan. 29 - Memory work due, Proverbs 8:12-17
M. Feb. 4 - Session B, winter activities
w. Feb. 6 - Casual day
M. Feb. 11 - Winter activities B-2
F. Feb. 15 - PD day. No classes
M. Feb. 18 - Family Day. No school.
French Vocabulary - voir unite 2
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