We have so much to accomplish as we finish the year. Yesterday the class counted 16 things that were happening as they pertain to us. WOW! What a full couple of weeks.

Teacher: Mrs. Alice Peddie
Last Revision: May 28
Library Day: Thursday
Gym Day: Monday & Wednesday

Monthly Schedule

May 29

.Trip to The Muskoka Heritage Centre

May 31

Track and Field



May 30

Move Up Day



Course Work

Saul's Conversion

Math: Measurement
Language: Poetry
Social Studies: Mapping
Drama: Plays


Spelling Lists

Spelling lists will begin next week.

Grade three: holiday, easy, banner, manner, couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't, own, owner, excuse,

Grade four: vacation, distance, sneeze, breeze, hundred, kitchen, twelve, question, answer, enough

Assignment Expectations

French - Review and learning the basics - les numeros de un a cinqante et de zero a cent, par dixaines; les jours de la semaine;  les salutations; les parties du corps; les parties de la journee - le matin, l'apres midi, le soir, la nuit; le temps; le verbe avoir et les expressions avec avoir - avoir faim, avoir soif, avoir mal a la tete/l'estomac/la gorge; le verbe etre et quelques adjectifs; Quelle heure est-il? et quelques reponses.

Links for Learning
 Lots of great sites available by clicking this link: