Grade 3 - 4

Grade 3 & 4 News

We are enjoying the cooler weather. We are surprised at the mosquitoes which seem to be extremely hungry. We are noticing the leaves changing and know that God has creation in His hands.

Teacher: Mrs. Alice Peddie
Last Revision: Sept. 18
Library Day: Thursday
Gym Day: Monday & Wednesday

Monthly Schedule

Sept. 20

Memory work: 2 Cor. 4:7

.Sept. 25

Picture Day   Spelling test-list below

Sept. 27

Terry Fox Run...please bring a toonie for Terry

Sept. 27

Memory work. Luke 2: 1+2




Course Work

Jesus' first four disciples

Math: Place Value
Language: Sentences/Punctuation
Science: The Trees of the Field
Gym: Fine Motor skills

 Note names and note value                                   

Spelling Lists

Spelling lists will begin next week.

Grade three: does, every, because, ache, people, were, where, sigh, sign

Grade four:laugh, since, once, upon, a lot, break, September, tomorrow, yesterday



Assignment Expectations
Memory work will be assigned next week..

French - Review and learning the basics - les numeros de un a vingtles jours de la semaine,                                                                                                les salutations

Links for Learning
 Lots of great sites available by clicking this link: