Welcome to a new school year! The promise I made to the students was that their year would be fun, exciting and challenging. I am looking forward to fulfilling that promise.

Teacher: Mrs. Alice Peddie
Last Revision: May 28
Library Day: Thursday
Gym Day: Monday & Wednesday

Monthly Schedule

Sep.t. 16

Camp Caryn event

Sept. 17

Memory work due   Ps. 8:1

Sept. 19

Spelling test...words will be given on Thursday 12th

Sept. 19

Math quiz....Grade three..writing and reading numbers to the hundred thousand

Grade four...writing and reading numbers to the hundred million



Course Work

God's word is Inspired

Math: Place value
Language: capitals and punctuation
Science: Space
Art: line
Gym: soccer skills


Spelling Lists

Spelling lists will begin this week.

Grade three: train, brain, raining, stay. delay, may, today, people, school, September

Grade four: branch, lunch, crunch, stitch, kitchen, catch, snatch, September, everyone, schoolyard

Assignment Expectations

French - Review and learning the basics - les numeros de un a cinqante et de zero a cent, par dixaines; les jours de la semaine;  les salutations; les parties du corps; les parties de la journee - le matin, l'apres midi, le soir, la nuit; le temps; le verbe avoir et les expressions avec avoir - avoir faim, avoir soif, avoir mal a la tete/l'estomac/la gorge; le verbe etre et quelques adjectifs; Quelle heure est-il? et quelques reponses.

Links for Learning
 Lots of great sites available by clicking this link: