May 20 - 24, 2019


Upcoming Events:

*  Thursday, May 23:  Celebration of STEM Learning.  The evening begins at 6:30 with the kindergarten class kicking things off and goes until 8:30, ending with the Grade 7/8 class.

*  Thursday, May 30:  Moving Up/ Bubble Day.  Our SK students will spend the morning upstairs in the Grade 1/2 classroom with Mrs. Spence, getting a taste of Grade 1!  We will welcome any new kindergarten students into our classroom for Bubble Day!  Lots of fun!

Friday, May 31:  Track and Field Day.  This is not a regular JK kindergarten day but ALL kindergarten students are welcome to come for an hour of games and activities from 10-11 AM.  See the Current for details regarding location.

*  Friday, June 7:  PD Day.  No School.

*  Friday, June 14:  Last Day of School / Graduation & Awards Ceremony.  Details to follow.

General Reminders: 

*  Daily communication folders go home each day.  Please take a moment to check for any items that require your attention or to celebrate completed work coming home.  I will continue sending a weekly homework sheet/activity this Tuesday.   Please return these by the following Tuesday (or earlier) so that I can look them over.  Feel free to do these with your child, if they require your encouragement/help.  

*  Our weekly Library time is Thursday afternoons. This is our last Library time for the year.  Please return all outstanding books by Tuesday, June 4.

Leader of the Day:  Reminder:  Leaders of the Day can bring 1 thing to share with the class - only 1 item please

Monday:  Victoria Day

Tuesday:  Jack

Wednesday:  Marcus

Thursday:  Owen

Friday:  William


*   Jesus Walks on the Water.  


* Poetry: In the Ocean  Focus: Silent e at the ends of words (can/cane) and Sentence Building

* SK:  Short, phonetically based stories are being sent home weekly. Please read these stories with your child 5X during the week and return every Friday.  If your child finishes earlier and would like a new story before Friday, he/she may do so!  I will take a few moments on Tuesdays and Thursdays to listen to your child reading and sending a new story home.


* JK/SK: *Rote counting and number recognition from 1 - 90.  

*Math center activities - skills include tallying and graphing, addition (a number +1= ), subtraction (a number -1=  ), review #1-20, building simple number sentences (I see 4 crabs and 3 starfish. I see 7 animals.)

* JK: focus on numbers 1 - 9 (number identification and proper printing of the numbers). 

* SK - Working with simple addition using manipulatives if needed. Practice reading and building numbers with units, tens and hundreds ex. 124.


* Ocean Creatures -  We are in the last two weeks of our ocean unit and are getting ready for the Celebration of Learning night. Students are making their sea creature models out of recyclable materials. Lots of time will be spent getting everything ready for our presentation!


*  Skipping with ropes. This will be our focus until mid-May.

Have a GREAT week!


Mrs. Antonides