January 21 -25, 2018

I am looking forward to the student-led conferences this week Tuesday and Wednesday.  The students are getting ready to share their portfolios containing some of their work.  

Here's what's coming up!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, January 7 - March 4:  Winter Activities are beginning on Monday, January 7. These do not include kindergarten students and does not change the flow of Mondays for those students who attend school on those days.

January 22 & 23:  Student-led Conferences will be held from 4-7 pm. You have received a notice in your child's daily folder with your assigned date and time; please make every effort to attend as there is not much wiggle room in the schedule.  For those new to these conferences: Your child will be showing you samples of some of his/her work to-date and will also participate in a few academic activities of his/her choice during the time of the conference. SK students (and any JK students who show an interest) will also share a few personal goals that they (with my direction) have created and which they will work towards fulfilling by the student-led conferences in April. There will not be much extra time for 1:1 teacher/parent conversation on these evenings but I am always available to schedule a phone call or meeting if desired.

*  Thursdays, January 24 and 31:  Open House Story Hour will be happening from 9:00 - 10:15 AM for any potential or interested JK and SK students entering kindergarten in the fall. Our new friends will join the class for a morning of activities, stories and fun!  Please invite any families that you think might be interested in Christian kindergarten. If anyone would like to help out on those mornings, an extra hand would certainly be appreciated. Let me know if you are able to assist.

General Reminders: 

*  Daily communication folders go home each day.  Please take a moment to check for any items that require your attention or to celebrate completed work coming home.  I will continue sending a weekly homework sheet/activity this Tuesday.   Please return these by the following Tuesday (or earlier) so that I can look them over.  Feel free to do these with your child, if they require your encouragement/help.  

*  Our weekly Library time is Thursday afternoons.  Please have your child return his/her book by Thursday so that they are able to check a new book out.  

Leader of the Day:  Reminder:  Leaders of the Day can bring 1 thing to share with the class - only 1 item please!

Monday:  Joel

Tuesday:  Abigail

Wednesday:  Lewis

Thursday:  Marcus

Friday:  Noah


* We will finish up learning about God's faithfulness towards Noah and will begin the story of Abraham this week.

* Memory Verse:  "I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth".  Genesis 9: 13


* We will continue to review the alphabet, in depth, one letter at a time.  Upper case letters will be taught as well and blending letters into words will begin in the near future.  

* Focus on Opposites:  big/little, new/old 

* A new writing center has been added to the classroom.  Snow and winter based word/picture cards are posted on a wall with easy student access.  Students will be encouraged to use these words, as well as their sight (popcorn) words, to write lists, label pictures, and write stories and cards. This is new and will be very challenging for many of the students. Initial expectations will be simply to try and stick with a chosen task. Each student will progress at his/her own rate but all will succeed at the level they are able to perform.


* JK/SK: Rote counting and number recognition from 1 - 60.  Lots of hands-on activities to engage hands and minds. 

* JK/SK: Time (to the hour)

* JK: focus on numbers 1 - 5 (number identification and proper printing of the numbers)

* SK - focus on teen numbers (13 is 1 ten with 3 more), introduction to 10's and 1's (42 = 4 tens and 2 ones)


* Winter and Snow - Many of our math and language hands-on activities will have a winter theme for the months of January and February.

* Magnets: How they Push and Pull - We will explore the properties of magnets during the month of January.  An exploration center has been set up to allow the students opportunities to discover and play.


*  In JK/SK, we learn French in an informal and oral way - through song, chants, greetings...                                                      * body parts - la bouche, la tete, les yeux, les oreilles, les dents

* greetings - Bonjour, Au revoir                                                                                                                                                * colours (rouge, orange, et brun) and numbers 1-10

* NEWwinter words


*  Fun with BEAN BAGS.

Have a GREAT week!


Mrs. Antonides