September 16 - 20, 2019

Week 2 was a great week!  We welcomed two returning class volunteers - Mrs. Chen comes on Tuesday mornings and Mrs. Peet comes on Thursday mornings. The extra sets of hands and eyes is very welcome and I look forward to having them spend small group time with different students.

We also experienced our first fire drill and lice check and had fun on Tuesday afternoon doing games and activities with our Colour Team crews. Each child has been placed on 1 of 4 crews and is able to earn points for their colour team. The Friday students met with their Reading Buddies for the first time and enjoyed playing a big game of rhyming bingo together.

Here's what is coming up!

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, September 19:  Abuse Awareness Training.  The training will begin at 9:00 AM and will be wrapped up within an hour. All parents interested in volunteering in any capacity must attend one of these training sessions.  (If you have attended this training previously, you do NOT need to attend again.) Call Julie at the office to RSVP.

Tuesday, September 24:  School Picture Day.  Students need to wear their uniforms for their school photos, including their burgundy cardigans. We are usually the first class to get our pictures taken - phew!

*  Tuesday, September 24:  Terry Fox Run Day.  The entire school will take the last part of the day to run laps around the school yard to raise money for cancer and to honour a brave young man. Each student is asked to bring in a Toonie for Terry on or before this day. Our goal, as a school, is to raise $140.00  Parents are invited to attend, either to help out or to run/walk with their children --- or both!  The fun starts at 2:10 PM.  Please ensure children have good running shoes and water bottles at school on that day.

General Reminders: 

*  Daily communication folders go home each day.  Please take a moment to check for any items that require your attention or to celebrate completed work coming home.  I will begin sending a weekly homework sheet/activity this Thursday.   Feel free to do these with your child, if they require your encouragement/help.  

*  Library:  Our weekly library time will not begin for a couple of weeks, as the librarians are doing an inventory of books.  Stay tuned!

Leader of the Day:  Reminder:  Leaders of the Day can bring 1 thing to share with the class - only 1 item please

Monday:  Amayah

Tuesday:  Jack V.

Wednesday:  Micah

Thursday:  Rebekah

Friday:  Jackson M.


*   The Fall into Sin -  The beauty of God's creation was marred by Adam and Eve's first sin but we will look forward to the promise of a Saviour to rescue all of us from our sin!

*  Memory Work:  "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it!"  Psalm 24:1.  I will begin to ask students to recite the verse on their own this week.  


*  Letterland:  Last week we met Annie Apple who says 'a' and Bouncy Ben who says 'b'.  This week we will meet four new friends:  Clever Cat, Dippy Duck, Eddy Elephant and Firefighter Fred.

*  Part of our language block involves poetry.  We always sing our colour of the month (red for September) and Month songs during calendar time. This week, I will begin to add something new.  Approximately every two weeks, the class will learn a new poem and we will do lots of language learning using this poem.  We will learn to read from left to right, look for upper case letters, find letters that we know and soon, words that we know. These poems will be added to a notebook for the students to enjoy throughout the year.  The first poem is 'Time for School'.


*  #'s 1-4:  We will practice identifying the numbers, as well as beginning to write the numbers.

*  2D Shapes:  We will begin to learn about basic 2-dimensional shapes and will practice sorting them according to number of sides, colours, size etc.


*  The Five Senses - We will spend the next 2 1/2 weeks doing activities surrounding the 5 senses.  This week we will discover how our eyes and noses give us sight and smell. This will be a very hands-on unit!

Have a GREAT week!


Mrs. Antonides