Highlights for the Month of October


September is gone and October is already half-way over!  What a beautiful month we enjoyed with the blast of summer weather.  We spent the month learning lots of new routines and getting to know one another.  Tears were a regular event  but they are becoming less frequent as the children build stamina for a long school day and become familiar with the expectations and their place in the classroom.   We begin our mornings in a circle, greeting each other, getting messages from Mr. Mailbox, doing calendar activities and singing and praying.  They are wonderful group of children, each with such unique personalities and talents.  I feel honored to have the privilege of spending my days with them and to be part of their learning adventure.  It is also special to see how their little hearts are already attuned to the things of God - you, as parents, have taught your children to love the Lord.  I gladly share in this task!

  Sincerely,    Mrs. Antonides




JK and SK Memory Verse:

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Your works are wonderful, I know that full well."  Psalm 139: 14

I expect the SK students to learn the entire verse and will hope the JK students are able to memorize the first line - if they want to do the whole verse, that is wonderful.

Our Bible focus for the month is "God Made Me Special".  We are exploring this theme through the stories of young Samuel, Isaac and John the Baptist where we are seeing that God had a special plan for each person, just as he does for each of our students.




Language Skills:


*  Nursery Rhyme of the month:  Higglety, Pigglety Pop & Simple Simon

*   We are continuing our overview of the letter sounds using the characters of Letterland phonics - from Annie Apple to Zig-Zag Zebra.  This will be an introduction to the alphabet;  each letter will be focused on more closely in turn.  I hope to have this initial overview completed by mid-November. 

*  Listen to a story and respond to their favourite part in oral or pictoral form

*  Recite simple poems and rhymes about October and the colour ORANGE.

*  Follow oral instructions and continue to develop listening and speaking skills

*  JK:  Continue to work on learning to print first names.   

   SK:  Continue to work on learning to recognize and print last names.


SK:  Sight word focus - a, an, at, away, and, as, I, see.   (Only two new words are being added this month but we will start to use them in sentences that are predictable so they have success in early reading.)




*  We are doing work with simple sequencing tasks and pattern making. 

*  SK - Basic review of the numbers 1 - 10 and the number 0.




Grandparents Day song and finger play preparation (October 20th)

Thanksgiving Day - crafts and taking time to give thanks for what we have been blessed with.

Fall and Pumpkins - We will be incorporating Science exploration in this theme, with lots of hands-on discovery and learning.



Physical Education:

*  Ball Skills - handling and moving a ball with hands and feet.  Games that involve a ball.

*  Learning how to play games cooperatively



Colour of the Month: