Highlights for the Months of January and February

Welcome to 2018!  It's hard to believe that we are almost half-way through the year already!  We have learned so much and have so much more to learn.  I have highlighted some of the things we will be focusing on over the next 6 weeks - the remainder of January and the entire month of February.  I'm looking forward to it!

Sincerely,  Mrs. Antonides




Our focus in the next 6 weeks will be on New Testament stories of Jesus, particularly of his miracles and parables.  Our theme will be 'Jesus Wants me to be his Child'. 



Language Skills:


*  We have a bulletin board in our room with various familiar nursery rhymes on it.  The Leader of the Day will get to choose a rhyme each day and we will chant/sing it together, using instruments when possible.  By the end of February, the children should be familiar with most of the rhymes.

*   We are reviewing approximately one letter per week.  The letters m, t, s and i are coming up next.  We will be blending sounds into simple words and segmenting words into their sounds - basically, creating and pulling apart words.  These are skills that are foundational to reading and spelling.  This will be done at an introductory level for the JK students, with the focus remaining on learning the letter sounds and names.  At the SK level, we will be working towards the goal of fluency at the CVC level.  CVC words are words that are made up of a consonant - vowel - consonant (ex. bat, fin, sat). 

*  Listen to a story and respond to their favourite part in oral or pictoral form

*  Recite simple poems and rhymes about January/February and the colour of the month.

*  Follow oral instructions and continue to develop listening and speaking skills

*  Continued work on Opposites.

*  Early writing skills will be encouraged where children show an interest.  Some of the children are still very hesitant to print their name while others are ready to begin to write their own creative stories/sentences.  When needed, I will print what the children dictate to me. 


SK:  Sight word focus - New words will be added to their file regularly.  We will be including all of our colour words to date - red, orange, yellow, green, white and pink. 




* Rote counting up to 50

* Lots of work recognizing and printing numbers.  SK students will work on printing numbers up to 30 and JK students will learn how to form the letters 1-10.  Manipulative use will reinforce the value of numbers.

* A unit on linear measurement using non-standard forms of measurement (ie. how many paper clips long is the pencil).  Comparing objects based on their length with occur as well.

* Review of 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes (ie. a triangle always has three sides, spheres can roll)



*  Our main theme for the next 6 weeks will be SNOW!  Snow is an amazing part of God's creation and shows his infinite attention to detail.  I am planning many hands-on scientific and art activities, with the focus on exploring and discovering.  Towards the end of the unit, I plan on engaging the students in a discussion of how we can share our newly acquired knowledge with an audience of parents and siblings.  Stay tuned!

*  February - Valentine's Day


Physical Education:

*  Bean Bag Games - We will use bean bags and practice our throwing and catching skills.  Target practice and cooperative play will also be part of this.

*  Outdoor play - Some extra time outside - enjoying the wonderful winter weather!  We will also participate in a school-wide time of Winter Olympic fun.



FRENCH:  Counting to 10, colours and the names of shapes.  We will learn to ask and say sentences using all three of these concepts.  Some winter vocabulary will be taught as well.

MUSIC:  Lots of singing and work with instruments and keeping a beat.  Clapping and copying rhythms.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  Continued practice with cutting, pasting and painting.  Skill development with puzzles, using tweezers to pick up objects and play dough.


Colour of the Month:

January - WHITE

* February - PINK