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Thursday Nov. 15 - 2018
Thursday Nov. 15 - 2018
Friday Nov. 16 - 2018
Friday Nov. 16 - 2018
We invite you to our Assembly at 8:50 AM.
25% Discount
Families new to Christian education entering grade 1 to 8 will receive a 25% discount off your first year of tuition. Contact our school for more information.

Part-time Pupils

Home schooling is a legitimate option for Christian parents. Muskoka Christian School wishes to help parents who have chosen to home school their children. Our assistance will allow parents the advantages of the Christian school which provides a caring, value-based learning environment rooted on Christian principles in the context of a Christian community.

The major advantages of effective Christian schooling which may not be available in the average home are:

  • Disciplined learning environment designed for student progress.
  • A well-designed learning programme that features: academic rigor, balanced scope of interest areas, stimulating challenges in special activities, variety of resources.
  • A friendly social environment of similar age children from a wider range of family backgrounds.
  • Encouragement of social skill development and friendships with "non-family" children.
  • Wide range of support services for special needs.
  • Access to broader Christian education organizations.
  • A wider range of facilities.
  • Secure experiences for the child beyond the confines of home and parents.
  • A properly structured social setting which gives each student an opportunity to share his or her gifts and talents with others.
  • Additional Christian adult role models.
  • The school community provides the family with a broader opportunity to participate in larger community activities.

Home schooled children in grades 1 to 8, may enroll at Muskoka Christian School as part-time pupils in various subjects or various days.

If you are interested in Part-time Pupil enrollment please contact the school for information.