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Thursday Nov. 15 - 2018
Thursday Nov. 15 - 2018
Friday Nov. 16 - 2018
Friday Nov. 16 - 2018
We invite you to our Assembly at 8:50 AM.
25% Discount
Families new to Christian education entering grade 1 to 8 will receive a 25% discount off your first year of tuition. Contact our school for more information.


Private schools in Ontario receive no government support, so our income must be generated from tuition fees, fund raising and donations. Tuition is our primary source of revenue for the school.

Our fees are calculated on a per-family basis, with a sliding scale adjustment for extra children up to the third child. There is no additional charge for families with four or more children.

A percentage of fees paid is generally allowable as a deduction against income taxes. Muskoka Association of Christian Education is a charitable institution registered with the Ministry of Revenue. Muskoka Christian School offers a reduction in tuition to families entering Christian education for the first time on a full-time basis. We also value the efforts of enrolled families who are influential in attracting new families to our school and offer a reward programme for their efforts.

Families may apply for Financial Aid through an online application  process. Once the enrolment application is processed, a link for the Financial Aid application will be emailed to those who request Financial Aid. Contact the school for more information or to request the Financial Aid link.