I like Muskoka Christian School because there are great teachers and I get a great education. I learn about the Bible without getting in trouble or being made fun of. I was at a public school up till grade 1 and at MCS from grade 2 till now and I look back at my old school and see a big change in me, because I have Christian friends here and I can take more time to be with God. At MCS I have learned much and my teachers have helped me with my walk with Christ. I have learned much about him and how to live for him. I have learned that I can trust my teachers and tell them almost anything, if I am in pain or am struggling on my work, and they always help with a happy heart. My life has changed at this school and I recommend this school to you and I hope to see you and your children at this school very soon.



When I first started MCS I loved it right from the start. From Junior Kindergarten to grade six, I've had some solid school years. I'm so blessed that God put it in his plan to send me to this school. He has blessed me with 8 great years at MCS. Here are just a few things, out of many, that have made my school years at MCS so memorable. The teachers are amazing and care about me and my education. There are a lot of pluses to being at an Christian school. One of them is learning the Bible. Unlike public schools, one is taught about the powerful word of God. This school teaches me so much, not just about God but about friendship and many many more. Thank you for reading my MCS blog. I hope if you're reading this, you will want to send your child to this wonderful school.



Hello my name is Rachel, my favourite thing about MCS is recess. I like recess because I enjoy hanging out with my friends and helping little children on the playground. I am thankful to have friends that are Christians and that we can build each other up when playing together. Recess is an important time to be able to play together and share ideas of what to play. Recess helps me to learn how to be a good friend. I also like that we are able to play and help the Senior Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten children. I really like that we are able to be helpful and caring to one another, this also helps us to be good role models. I think that by helping the younger students we can develop how to be gentle and kind. Another thing I like about recess is that we are able be outside exploring in God's creation. There is much so much to see and do like climbing, swinging, running and looking at all the trees and animals around the school. I am thankful to have the fresh air and exercise.