January 13 - 17, 2020

It was so good to see everyone's happy faces this week and to hear stories about their Christmas holidays. I love spending time with your children! They bring many a smile to my face and plenty of reasons to chuckle throughout the day.  The children were very welcoming to Hayley and excited to have a new playmate. I should make a correction - Hayley's last name is Riendeau. Her parents are Brandon and Ashley; please give them a warm welcome when you see them.

This week  we will be spending a fair bit of time getting ready for the Student-Led Conferences. For those who are new to this type of conference, the students will be sharing some of their work to date with you, as well as choosing from a menu of activities to do for you as an alternate way of sharing their learning. The children really enjoy doing this for their parents; I had one little boy last year ask if he could another student-led conference the week after they were done!

Here is what is coming up....

Upcoming Events:

*  Tuesday & Wednesday, January 21 and 22:  Student Led Conferences.  Unlike the conferences that we held in October, your child will be attending and leading this conference. We will be taking time over the next few weeks to create a portfolio which highlights their work and growth, as well as selecting some short activities to share. The students enjoy this opportunity to 'show-off' their learning; I hope you enjoy this time as well!

*  Wednesday, January 22 & Wednesday, January 29:  Open House Story Hour. 9-10 AM.  We will be hosting two more Story Hours for incoming and/or interested families and their children. Please spread the word. 

General Reminders: 

*  Daily communication folders go home each day.  Please take a moment to check for any items that require your attention or to celebrate completed work coming home.    

*  Library:  Our weekly library time has begun on Thursdays.  Students may take one book out per week; the book may come back to school the following Thursday (or earlier, if you prefer). New books cannot be taken out until the previously signed out is returned.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

Leader of the Day:  Reminder:  Leaders of the Day can bring 1 thing to share with the class - only 1 item please

Monday:  Noa

Tuesday:  Rebekah

Wednesday:  Hayley

Thursday:  Jack

Friday:  Abigail


*  John the Baptist - His ministry and baptism of Jesus.

*  Memory Work -  "And a voice came from heaven, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased."  Mark 1:11


* Poetry:  I'm a Little Penguin

* Handwriting:  SK - We will begin practicing lower case letters.  This week we will practice lower case 'c' (magic c because it is a 'magic' letter that begins many different letters) and 's'.    JK -  Upper case H.

*  Reading:  Reading booklets will continue to go back and forth between home and school for SK students. These will be set at the pace at which each child is working. Some students are taking hold of the concept of decoding and others are still figuring out what reading is all about. Both are completely age appropriate and developmental. Keep practice sessions short and frequent. Praise, praise, praise and keep it fun.  Each child will learn to read in his/her own time!  JK students will be spending more time on recognizing and playing with letters/sounds through various activities, as well as matching upper and lower case letters.


*  Counting Strategies - Touch, Scoot and Count (Touch the manipulative, move it to a new pile and count), Count and Check (On paper, make a mark on each item counted), and Ten Frames (place objects on a blank box with 10 squares and count). Review #'s 1-10.  Focus #:  11 & 12


*  God's Changing Seasons:  Winter and SNOW.  We will spend January doing activities related to snow and winter.  


*  We will be playing with bean bags over the next few weeks - learning how to catch and throw them and playing lots of fun games along the way. On warmer winter days, I will take the children outside for extra tobogganing fun.

Have a GREAT week!


Mrs. Antonides